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Bushey is a small town located about 12 km east of London, England. There is evidence of the area being inhabited during the Paleolithic era, also signs of Roman activity during their imperial conquest age. Many legends have origin in this woodland area, stories about thieves and obviously murders, like any other small town on the outskirts of London.

Even though Bushey is situated quite close to Watford and London, it still feels like a small, charming town, partially thanks to its government that organizes different festivities like marathons and flower shows quite often. Bushey is also located nearby Elstree Film Studios and Boremham Film Studios and appears in multiple scenes from their movies. University of London lays in close proximity to Bushem which guarantees a young and vibrant community. There are also many smoking hot escorts in Bushey, itching for you to take them out.

One man definitely influenced the whole town of Bushey his name was Hubert Herkomer, the man was a poor immigrant from Germany who came to Bushey in 1874, died in 1914 after receiving nobility. He visited Bushey in 1873 and immediately fell in love with the town, being an artful fellow himself he bought some old cottages, cemented them all together and opened an art school in 1883. Herkomer’s Art School at Bushey enrolled over 500 students that came to the town from all over England, quite a few of them stayed after graduating and opened their own art studios which remain in the town to this day. It is quite probable that without Herkomer the city would not develop to what it is today, Bushey has a lot to thank him for and even named a street after the famous artist.

In 1888 Herkomen built a huge castle on the outskirt of Bushey to honor his wife who, sadly died after being married for one year. It got destroyed during anti-german demonstrations after the second world war, there is only a small archway left of it.

Bushey is a pretty decent town to spend a weekend in, do some sightseeing, hiking, Bushey Escorts banging and swing dancing, sounds like an amazing time. A website like http://www.escortsforlondon.co.uk will provide you with the highest quality in the industry.