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Elstree is a village located about thirteen miles north east of London, it is literally a village with like 4 thousand people living in it, known for nothing but Elstree Film Studios, where quite a few british films were made and BBC’s Elstree Studios home of some terrible soap opera called EastEnders.

It is connected to London by a railway but judging by the number, no one really wants to live here anyway, probably just taking the train to work in the film studios and fuck off back to London as soon as they are done working. There is also an Aerodrome in Elstree it is a 717 yard licensed landing strip and a helipad. It was built in 1930 and was still grassy during those times, the aerodrome got paved during the second world war.
Aldenham Works was situated on the edge of Elstree it got open in 1956, closed in 1986, completely demolished in 1996. They say it is a business park nowadays, although I personally have trouble imagining a business park in a village inhabited by no one.

The Edgwarebury Hotel located on Barnet Lane is currently owned by Corus Hotels, a company based in London that has multiple hotels in UK and even Malaysia. The hotel dates back to 1540 it was build in Tudor style, it was remodeled in the 1960s ,being a creepy little building it appeared in several horror movies and attracts weirdoes like Tom Cruise, John Cleese and Stanley Kubrick. There are also some cricket and golf country clubs stuff. There is also a mention of a natures reserve and several murders that took place in Elstree, I suppose people are really bored there.

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