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Are you new in London?

Recently arrived in this chaotic city and you got no clue as about what to do, how to keep things all together, how to start to live properly after recently relocating? Perhaps you need help with buying or renting an apartment? Need some language tutorship? You do not feel like looking for a job for months on an end, and when you finally find one you feel as if you are underpaid and overqualified? Thinking you will probably have work overtime in a shitty chicken packing tesco bullshit kind of thing? You are probably right. Finding a decent, well paid job is a hard thing to do in London, especially when you are young, inexperienced and without a masters degree in some alien field that no one ever heard about but somehow everyone demands.

Fear no more, our company does not require any of those, alien bullshit kind of qualities, we just need you to feel comfortable naked doing all kinds of sexy stuff. Are you a fit, flexible girl, enthusiastic about sports? Are you knowledgeable about arts, politics as much as Kamasutra and tantric positions? Is sex one of your fortes? Do you have the ability to feel comfortable and self assured in any situation? This might be the right kind of a job for you! Our London Escorts company is currently recruiting sexy, tight girls of all nationalities. We will need you to fulfil our clients most private fantasies, without even flinching, no matter how small the dick or how fucked up the request is.

The only things we require from our girls is being open-minded individuals that can behave themselves during business dinners, theatre nights, stag nights with one or more customers. You would need to be young and wanting, you need to turn heads wherever you appear, a different level of beauty and dignity, you cannot be a regular girl, you must be special to make the customers feel special. Escorts in London have to live up to the name. Send us your resume with a few photographs of your entire body from back and front, and your face of course and we just might invite you for an interview!

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