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Rickmansworth is a tiny town located about 30 kilometers north from London , the capital of england. It lays in close proximity to Watford, the commercial focused city of the whole area.

Rickmansworth originated in Stone Age when it was just a small settlement, before an Abbey of St Albans was founded in 793, and served as a clergy for spiritual guidance until it was closed in 1539. Back in those days the population equaled only about 200 people. Rickmansworth escorts are not as ancient but definitely worth hiring when you end up in Rickmansworth for some reason, we could fly you one from London.

Multiple manors in Rickmansworth’s area have been remodeled into golf courts around the early 19th century. Around that time the population has grown to around 5000 and a new parish has been formed, which resulted in growth to about fifteen thousand people in early 2000s.

Main industries that developed in Rickmansworths include corn milling, silk weaving, paper making and brewing, thanks to the three rivers that flow through the area, too bad they all closed down. Leather tanning, soft drink factories, soya processing, stocking production are still running though. Most investments these days include the development of office space, apartment buildings, and Rickmansworth escorts agencies, while the rivers are being adjusted for recreation.

In July 1860 building of a 4.5 mile line between Watford and Rickmansworth started by order of Lord Ebury, which officially finished in October 1862 and the railway was open. It was supposed to reach even further, the company even received building permits but it did not happen for some reason. The line went bankrupt because it did not generate enough income and had to be closed down. Nowadays there is a proper train station that connects Rickmansworth with London and the rest of England. Now it is more of a London’s suburb than a separate city altogether.

The only noteworthy attraction in the shithole called Rickmansworth is the Aquadrome, gigantic area of 41 hectares, including a nature reserve, lakes, open green areas made for picnics, woods and playgrounds for children. Thankfully there are some quality escorts in Rickmansworth, namely from our agency, to keep you company so you do not die of boredom.